Mockba in Nha Trang. Excellent and cheap.

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Friday, March 19th at 1130, Martin is celebrating his 77th birthday at Mockba.

He was born on March 20th, 1944, but due to the fact that the the 20th is a Saturday, we have it on th 19th just after Darcy's lecture.


To the left, Martin 10 years ago in Thailand.

Martin teaching in the old room at Crazy Kim's Bar and Restaurant.

The food at Mockba's is excellent and very cheap.

The room upstairs where the party was held.

Phuong's new dress.

The table was nicely laid out.

Phuong and Martin.

Phuong and Minh.

We had a nice song, "Walzing Mtahilda". Listen to it.


For more pictures go to Crazy Kim's English school.


The front of Mockba.

Amazing beer prices. 8000 Dongs or USD 0,30 for 4,5 dl of lager beer. That's cheap. But then Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in, with good comfort and safety.

This is a nice Danish guy by his newly taken name, Montana Bøll.

He is a very interesting character and he tipped Martin off of Mockba restaurant that Martin now frequents at least twice a week. It is some 12 minutes walk from Martin's room.


Martin made a business card for Montana.


This is the 11-12 minutes walk to Mockba restaurant.


Martin made a business card for himself too.






Queen is a lovely smiling waitress that did a very good job. She is the epitome of what good waitress should be.

Here is the back.




The owners full name.


It has a very nice interior.

With nice paintings on the walls.

The bar is stylish and fully operational.


They have lamb rack on the menu, but no lamb in the kitchen. So Martin brought his own. But got the wrong thing, lamb chops.

Amazing beer prices. One of the lowest in town.

And the steaks are really excellent.

And low prices too boot.

The bar is fully equipped.

The room is spacious and very nicely designed.

Martin went to for lunch. Lovely food.

One of the waitresses cleaning tables.

Martin with his old shirt from Welcome, South Africa. Johnny Johnson's pistol range.

Mockba has a very nice interior with flowers on the walls.

Nice flower decorations.  


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